Loss adjustment

  • Loss adjusters calculate the amount of loss to property that has been burned, damaged, soiled, etc. through a fire or other accident.
  • Loss adjusters confirm damage according to the content of insurance products for natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.
  • The main task of loss adjusters is calculating the repair costs for returning property to its state before the accident. They also calculate the insurable value at the time of the accident.
  • Loss adjusters aim for prompt, suitable, and accurate loss adjustment regardless of insurance type or the size of the accident.

Main adjustment items

  • Buildings related to fire insurance, movable comprehensive insurance, machinery insurance, erection insurance, construction work insurance, contractors all risks insurance, theft insurance, etc.
  • Buildings related to liability insurance and automobile property damage liability insurance
  • Calculating insurance payouts related to store business interruption insurance and profit insurance


  • Loss adjusters assess the insurable value of property covered by insurance.
  • This includes a wide range of buildings covered by insurance, such as various types of buildings, factories, plant facilities, etc.

Investigating the causes of accidents

  • In some cases, the loss adjuster investigates the cause of an accident to confirm whether it is eligible for an insurance payout by comparing the accident to the content of the insurance contract.
  • There are many types of investigations, including the causes of fires, according to insurance type.