Dealing with antisocial forces

In order to maintain public trust in the loss adjusting business and ensure appropriate and sound works, the Loss Adjusting Association of Japan (LAAJ) and its members respond in a firm way based on the below to cut off relationships with antisocial forces that threaten social order or safety.

Responses by the organization

The overall organization explicitly establishes ethical regulations, standards of conduct, in-house regulations, etc. and makes responses—starting from top management figures such as the president—instead of leaving these matters up to staff members or departments. It also works to ensure the safety of directors and other persons responding to improper demands from antisocial forces.

Cooperation with external specialized institutions

We will build close, cooperative relationships with external specialized institutions such as attorneys to prepare for improper demands from antisocial forces.

Cutting off all relations, including transactions

We will have no relations with antisocial forces, including transactions (including those through business partners). We will refuse all improper demands from antisocial forces.

Legal responses for civil and criminal matters

We will take legal steps to deal with improper demands from antisocial forces, in terms of both civil and criminal matters.

Prohibition of inappropriate transactions and funds providing

Even if an unreasonable demand by antisocial forces is made because of a scandal in business activities or a scandal of officers or employees, we will never engage in inappropriate acts or transactions such as concealing the case.