The General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ) registers loss adjusters.

The GIAJ, which has a name that resembles ours, is the institution that registers loss adjusters ("adjusters"). People who are already certified adjusters are aware that certification is awarded to individual adjusters. You must submit notification to the GIAJ if you change your address or place of work after registration. Applications to take the Class 2 Adjuster or Class 1 Adjuster Examination are also made to the GIAJ.
Questions regarding registration or testing: Attn: Adjuster testing, GIAJ Recruitment/Training Service Department Telephone: +81-3-3255-1481

Questions about joining the Loss Adjusting Association of Japan (LAAJ)

Please contact us using the following information for questions about joining the LAAJ.

Telephone: +81-3-3254-6454 (please use the contact form for e-mail inquiries)