To be qualified as ‘Registered Loss Adjuster’

To be qualified as ‘Registered Loss Adjuster’, loss adjusters must pass the certification examination conducted by the General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ) and be registered with the GIAJ.

Ranking of adjusters registered with the GIAJ
Ranking of adjusters registered with the GIAJ

Registered Loss Adjuster qualification and certification testing

The Registered Loss Adjuster Certification Examination is conducted by the GIAJ.
For details about the examination, please visit the GIAJ website.
GIAJ website

Eligibility for taking the adjuster examination

The following people are eligible to take the adjuster examination.

Class 3 eligibility

Nothing in particular. (However, people who correspond to the following are not eligible)

  • Members of organized crime groups (including people who have left organized crime groups less than five years before), associate members of organized crime groups, members of corporations affiliated with organized crime groups, and members of other antisocial forces (“antisocial forces”)
  • People who provide funds, etc. to antisocial forces or participate in other ways, such as giving favors
  • People who improperly utilize antisocial forces
  • People who have relationships with antisocial forces that should be censured by society
  • People who personally or via a third party commit violence, threats, intimidation, fraudulent speech or conduct, or other illegal or improper speech or conduct
Class 2 eligibility
People registered as Class 3 Adjusters
Class 1 eligibility
People registered as Class 2 Adjusters
Class 3 Adjuster Certification Examination subjects, passing grades, etc.

The subjects included in the Class 3 Adjuster Certification Examination, which is taken first, are Insurance and General Knowledge, Architecture, and Electricity and Machinery. The highest number of possible points for the three items is 100. Sixty or more points for the three subjects are required to pass the examination (60 or more points for the two subjects for people who are exempt from the Architecture section).

  • People with Class 1 or Class 2 Architect certification are exempt from taking the Architecture section.
How to obtain textbooks and past questions

The Registered Loss Adjuster Textbook and supplemental materials, which are used to study for the certification examination, can be purchased at stores listed on the GIAJ website. Questions and answers from the past three certification examinations are also available on the GIAJ website. (They can be downloaded for free.)

Please visit the following website for more information.